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We at SMS offer a variety of programs and certification courses that can help you advance your career in some of the most demanding fields like IT. These fields have tremendous growth opportunities for someone looking for a change in career or a new direction for growth.
SMS is a providing customized training solutions and we consider our role in career training to be one of the facilitations, where the skills of each individual student are evaluated through, not only classroom instruction but also through the professional insight of the trainers. We also provide online trainings for many courses, however we will conduct contact sessions with every student to know and equip better to build their career.
SMS takes a proactive approach in the job placement of its students. The mission of the SMS career placement service is to help students clarify their educational and career goals, as well as acquire the skills to gain their desired employment.
You can help yourself, a friend, and us by participating in the Satya Marg Solutions, Inc SMS) Employee Referral Program. If you are an eligible employee, you can earn a cash award if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated, open, position at SMS. The Employee Referral Program is open to all employees of SMS. The applicants you refer must have this form attached to the resumes or applications that they submit to the Human Resources Department. You cannot refer anyone who has already applied to the Human Resources Department, who already works at SMS, or anyone who has worked here within the last twelve months. SMS reserves the right to determine whether or not referred applicants are qualified for positions covered by the program. In the event an applicant is referred from more than one source; for example, from two employees, or an employee and an employment agency, the deciding factor will be the date of receipt of the referral within the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will inform the participating parties when such situations arise.
SMS, Inc aggressively supports the long-term growth of employee relationships and rewards employee achievement of tenure milestones and loyalty. SMS, Inc employees enjoy the benefits of our generous and complete employee appraisal program which is activated automatically when you have achieved stated tenure milestones.
  • Java, J2EE
  • Microsoft.Net
  • ERP
  • QA Testing with Java/Selenium
  • Top Notch Trainers
  • Evening and Weekend Batches
  • We have 100% success rate in the placements from our previous batches
  • Training and 100% Placement Assistance
  • Sponsorship Available [For selected internationals]
  • Accommodation could be considered for candidates subject to availability and earlier registration
Satya Marg Solutions Inc., engineers deliver reliable Java/J2EE applications for various industry domains – finance, insurance, retail, and healthcare – since 2001.

We develop custom solutions that are tailored specifically to address your unique business needs. IBM, a world leading J2EE vendor, employs SMS Inc., to develop large-scale J2EE software projects and evaluate their emerging technologies. Satya Marg Solutions Inc., delivers effective Java/J2EE solutions across multiple business domains.
The J2EE Team at Satya Marg Solutions Inc., is committed to the delivery of quality J2EE solutions. Our team has gained recognition from both large and small customers for its high professional level in J2EE development.

Our alliance with IBM gives us competitive exposure to cutting-edge J2EE techniques. Our unique hands-on expertise in J2EE allows us to deliver large and small Web services that are reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable to meet your growing business needs.

SMS’ engineers have long-term experience in creating J2EE applications of different scales – from enterprise infrastructure components to complex integrated solutions. A typical J2EE solution is a web application that consists of a web browser as a client, application server, and a database.

To ensure effective project control and guarantee achievement of project goals, the J2EE Team employs a well-established software development process and quality control. Our software development methodology ensures development process transparency for our customers in all project phases.

Our experts engage proven existing and emerging technologies to deliver solutions that most effectively address customer needs. We deliver the solution that fits your time, budget, and business requirements.
What We Do
Satya Marg Solutions, Inc. has proven experience in delivering reliable .NET applications. We develop custom solutions specifically tailored to address your individual business needs. We serve customers from multiple business domains and deliver .NET solutions ranging from small mobile applications to enterprise-wide integrated systems. To provide the customer with competitive high-end .NET solutions, SMS, Inc. has established a dedicated .NET department. Microsoft technologies traditionally have been a core technological concentration for us. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, SMS, Inc. has immediate access to all .NET initiatives from Microsoft. This allows us to implement cutting edge development techniques to deliver .NET solutions to our customers.
  • ASP.NET development
  • .NET Compact Framework development
  • Web services development
  • Web controls development
  • ASP.NET mobile controls development
  • Distributed applications design and development
  • Database design and development
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) promotes a fully integrated systems approach, enables companies to cut costs, operate more efficiently, be more responsive to Client demands, reduce turnover and assist staff in reaching peak performance in all the services and products they offer. Satya Marg Solutions Inc.,’ ERP services can help you gain maximum value from your enterprise application systems, whether you are implementing an ERP solution or upgrading existing systems to improved Web-enabled systems, or optimizing existing systems to improve value.

Formed with the ability to fully harness the power of Integrated Business Application solutions – Oracle Applications and SAP – SMS Inc., consultants bring together business and functional expertise to the enterprise transformation process. They understand specific industry issues and then apply their technical expertise to achieve the client’s business goals.

Our ERP Services are designed to provide organizations with the ability to cost-effectively deploy and upgrade SAP, Oracle or PeopleSoft enterprise applications. Depending on the need, we offer a complete range of services that you can customize and use independently, or bundled together to create a comprehensive solution.
  • SAP
  • Oracle Applications
  • PeopleSoft
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